Sunday, July 20, 2008

Made in Hell, Worn in Heaven

It's the state of business today - look for a country that offers cheap labour, set up shop and start the human conveyor belt to churn out products that are now cheaper to produce, sell them at inflated prices and rake in the profits.

Nike did something similar, and got slapped on the wrist for the exploitation of cheap overseas labour. The company said they've stopped this practise, and everyone was happy again. Nike's profits wasn't particularly affected too. A win-win situation.

So imagine my surprise when I spotted this inside a shoe - Made in Hell, Worn in Heaven. Perhaps an allusion to the sweatshops that produced these sneakers for rich consumers?

These sneakers were on sale. RM29 a pair. Yes, that's twenty nine Ringgit a pair. Quite a drastic price cut from the original price tag of RM179.

I sure hope these shoes weren't made in sweatshops. Exploitation of cheap labour will continue. I can yell all I want for better quality of life, but the world isn't listening. What I can do is to focus on MY life and make sure I live it, and not let others live it for me.


swliew said...

Not that I support child labor but sometimes in those country it is about feeding or sending your siblings to school. Imagine a family with 6 children, if 2 of them made it to school that is a blessing but the rest have to be productive. But if they don't get paid that's a different story. If the choice is between shoes vs prostitution then making shoes don't look so bad now. That's sad but true.

keeekeee said...

THREEpointSIX also made in china